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Cause Battery Boros & Solutions

Posted by mobile gallery 2010-12-07

As a source of power, the battery is very vital role to support the activities of cell phone. Run out of battery power at times when communication needs are very annoying, if not actually harmful.

Fortunately the battery technology is now more advanced than ever. Battery technology is widely used ingredient made from Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer, which is more durable and have the ability to store electric power is greater.
Still battery development was coupled with a heavier phone specification, such as cameras, GPS, music player, video player and so forth, are more power hungry, and ultimately suck up the battery faster.

Surprisingly, many people who suspect a problem because cell phone batteries run out quickly. Though not necessarily so. Now before you conclude that, try note the features you use every day. Here we sort of features that many power-consuming.

GPS became the most extravagant feature power because the GPS receiver using radio waves. Not to mention if the use of maps require Internet access via 3G or GPRS, which means enabling the two features at once.

2.Browsing & Voice Communications
Browsing and voice communication are equally great power required. For that, in the specification of cell phone talk time included information. This information so that you can prepare at any time require that communication is urgent.

3.Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
Browsing using WiFi is more fun especially if you use a free hotspot. However, WiFi is also included extravagant features of the battery. So also with Bluetooth. Therefore do not forget to turn it off after use.

4.Radio & Music Player / Video
Radio and music player does not need the power of using the camera, but if this feature is often used equipment will consume more power. In addition there are also other features that game which is influence battery standby time.

Types of Batteries

Batteries of this type is the first generation. Large capacity, this battery is Suitable for older phones That powerful. In accordance with the size and capacity, the charging process was repeated trouble. Enough For example, replenishment Should Be done at the time of its true - completely empty. Because NiCd battery pack has a memory effect, the longer its capacity will from Decrease if the filling is not empty properly.

NiMh (Nickel Metal Hydride)
The next generation is NiMH. This rechargeable battery still has a memory effect but only temporary. So much more flexible than the NiCd type. To recharge not have to wait really - really exhausted, but with the consequence will tersa quickly exhausted. But this is only temporary, while out back the content and its ability to be normal again.

Li-Ion (Lithium Ion)
Rather than the two previous generations, this type no longer have the memory effect. So you can fill in repeated without waiting for the battery runs out. Li-Ion batteries have a "life cycle" (life cycle) is shorter. Even if dicas excessive lithium ion battery will lose its ability, rather than NiCd or NiMH.

Li-Po (Lithium Polymer)This newest generation of rechargeable batteries. In addition to environmentally friendly, its superiority over Li-Ion battery. For treatment of Lithium Polymer batteries, not far different from Lithium Ion. However, be extra careful handling - the heart. Given the nature of the "liquid" with a loud enough pressure can cause a battery change.

Li-Po's weakness instead requires us to recharge the battery not to wait for the phone turns itself off. Or as much as possible when the phone is low battery warning. If not, the phone is switched on because the battery is hard to not fully recovered.
Memory Effect Is it?

You may have or even heard the term 'memory effect'. Memory effect only happens on mobile phone batteries NiCad and NiMH types. Brief description as follows: if every time you charge the battery only 60%, then one day the battery will not forget that there is still room for 40% of which has not been filled. The battery will assume 60% is 100% alias battery is fully charged. Loss is not it?But never fear, the memory effect (once again) only occurs on older battery types such as NiCad and NiMH.

Extended battery life

The most simple way to extend the life of the battery with a battery of small care.Average to 400 times the charging and discharging, to the right while? How do I use extend? If you do a filling on each night, your battery can last at least 12-15 months.
If you can make the filling twice a week, that means your battery life can reach 2-3 years. So, you do filling less, then the longer the battery life.

There are some simple ways you can do to remain durable battery.This is it!

1. Shorten the time Charging
The most effective way to do the filling, if your phone is dead.But remember, do this if you're really not in a state waiting for an Important call, for example after working hours.

2. Avoid mutually SIM
Each time you change the SIM, it means that your phone must be switched off and the early start will loading phone system and perform the service signal search. This job requires a great power.

3. Turn off the vibrator and backlight
If you are in a room which could certainly hear the phone ring clearly, there's nothing wrong turn off the vibrator. So also with the backlight, as much as may be set so as not active in the daytime.

4. Avoid using unnecessary features
Bluetooth when not in use.

5. Avoid the phone from the formation and splashing water
One reason for wasteful batteries Because of the short circuit (shorted). Could this be due to short circuit Often the phone is dropped or exposed to fluids. To reduce the negative effects, Should you use a protector.

6. Make sure you are in GSM mode
3G phones generally have the option of setting a GSM network, dual mode and 3G only. If you do not currently enjoy the facility of 3G, it is advisable to use the GSM mode only. This setting is on the "Network"

7. Do not let the battery run out
For this type of Lithium Ion and Polymer battery charging times do not have to wait for the battery is completely discharged. So there is low battery warning, please be filled immediately.


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